Friday, July 19, 2013

Violet Flame Dahlia


Well, NOW I've seen everything, as far as voluntary appearances in my flower garden are concerned...Just look at this dazzlingly unexpected visitor to my dahlia patch, which has been established for several years...
I've never seen one THIS color there before--only reds and yellows...a little bird must have told it where to find paradise...

Blackberry Lily

...Blackberry Lily...Oh!....Blackberry Lily...You are the IRIS of my eye...

...and the BEES love you too.


Thursday, July 4, 2013


We have certainly been keeping ourselves BUSY around here, and getting everything in the spite of this HEAT!  The rest of our tomato plants,
which are of mixed canning varieties, ALL of the pepper plants, which are particularly nice this year, the wonderful, wonderful goldberries and a very small
planting of mixed winter squash remained, and are now happily sucking up our fabulous Sierra Foothill well water, which is so very fine.

You can also see us seeding out some hefty rows of mixed dried beans, which we have a very high fondness for...and a PASSION for growing.

...and do not worry--we did not make Norm do all the work.



Aimee Gunsell
Mountain Ranch Organically Grown